Workshops & Presentations – Cara Michell

Toast (Restaurant POS System) Kickoff 2023 | Thrive Workshop | March 8, 2023 Mỹ Tâm H. Nguyễn: “Secret to life: do inspiring things with the people who inspire you. Last week on International Women’s Day, Terrance McKinney invited Professor Cara Michell and me to speak with 700+  Toast colleagues about career transitions and growth…and after Padma Lakshmi.” NEW INC Open House: Year 10Continue reading “Workshops & Presentations – Cara Michell”

In the News – Cara Michell

Leong Leong February 2023 Newsletter Over a two year period, Leong Leong collaborated with MoMA PS1 to develop the Courtyard Coalition (Link), a process that culminated in a participatory mapping project led by artist Cara Michell (Link), that looked at Long Island City’s past and present. In its inaugural presentation in Homeroom, the initiative invitedContinue reading “In the News – Cara Michell”