LIC Participatory Map:


MoMA PS1 Courtyard Coalition: Prioritizing Community Voices

The Long Island City (LIC) Participatory map sits within “Courtyard Coalition, an interactive space at MoMA PS1 that relies on community participation to help shape the museum’s engagement with its neighbors. 

s l o w p r a c t i c e‭   ‬co-developed this anti-exhibition with Assistant Curator Elena Ketelsen-Gonzales‭, ‬and the Courtyard Coalition‭. ‬The process-focused program highlights MoMA PS1‮!&‬s Courtyard as a cultural and spatial asset for critical questions at‭ ‬the intersection of cultural institutions‭, ‬civic space‭, ‬and urban life‭. ‬Cara‮’‬s mapping installation invites members of the Long‭ ‬Island City‭ (‬LIC‭) ‬to co-create their own image of the neighborhood‭. ‬By inviting visitors to annotate the map with their memories‭, ‬priorities‭, ‬and dreams‭ (‬past‭, ‬present and future‭), ‬she asks‭: ‬What aspects of Long Island City do we want to keep‭, ‬and remember from the past‭? ‬What are the communities‭, ‬spaces‭, ‬and initiatives we want to recognize today‭? ‬What are our hopes for the future‭, ‬and how can the Courtyard be a meaningful piece of this constellation‭?‬


The Museum of Modern Art PS1

Project Duration:

August 2021 – November 2022


Long Island City, NYC

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